Dog Wormers

Dog wormer medicine products are effective against many internal parasites including round, hook, whip, and tapeworms. We have several dog wormers that are non-prescription products, but we also carry the prescription products as well.

Shop all the name brands of dog wormers that we carry include: Safe-Guard, Drontal, Nemex, Triple Wormer, and many more! Get free ground shipping on dog wormers over $75.

For Ringworm Treatment see Ringworm Treatment for Dogs
Interceptor Flavor Tabs
Price: $28.95
Interceptor Plus
Price: $29.95
Nemex Tablets
Price: $109.00
Nemex 2 - 2 oz  (60 ml)
Price: $94.50
Profender for Cats
Price: $12.50
Pyrantel Pamoate Generic Strongid Liquid - 16oz
Price: $19.95
Worm Protector 2X
Price: $7.95