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Updated May 9, 2018

By using our site, whether this include signing in, creating an account or submitting an order, you are agreeing to and accepting the terms and conditions stated in this document. By ordering products on our website, you agree to comply with any extra forms we may need from you in order to fill your order. Failure to do so may result in receiving delayed or cancelled orders.

You as the customer hold every right, authority and capacity to enter into the agreement and abide by all of our terms and conditions that shall be stated here. You may not hold an account, or order from our site unless you are at least 13 years of age. Age requirements may vary depending on products you are trying to buy.

Acceptable Use Policy

You agree to not use HeartlandVetSupply.com to use any user content that may violate any copyright, trademark, patent etc., or anything that is unlawful, harassing, abusive, etc.. You are also agreeing to not use this website to violate the law in any way. You also agree to not upload or spread any computer viruses, or any software that is intended to damage or alter the functionality of our website and services in any way.


To take full advantage of our site, it would be required that your regitster for an account with Heartland Vet Supply, and provide information displayed on our registration form. As you submit this information, you agree that the information is accurate, you will keep us updated with any new information, and your use of our site does not violate any laws. If you suspect questionable activity on your account, you must provide us with this information, and we will be able to suspend your account to protect you and your information from future questionable activity.


Using our site, or communicating with us via telephone, e-mail, Facebook, Instagram, you are consenting to receiving communication from us in the same way. You will be able to have phone conversations and emails available on your record with us, however we cannot promise that messaging via social media will be put on your record here with us. We can ensure that we will work across all forms of communication to find answers for you, our customer.

Intellectual Property Rights

Heartland Vet Supply contains trademarks and service marks owned and used by HVS, which include but are not limited to Heartland Vet Supply, our logo, and many of our brands. Any use of our branding is prohibited. We own our design, and it is not to be used without permission.

Order Acceptance

A receipt of an order number or email order confirmation does not propose the acceptance of your order. We reserve the right to limit the order quantity of any item, and to refuse service to any customer. Verification of certain information may be required in order for an order to be accepted and processed. Prices and availability of products on our website are subject to change, without notice. All mistakes will be corrected on our site as we find them. We have the right to refuse or cancel any order for any reason, and restrict or terminate your account for any reason as well.


Our prices are clearly stated. You will see the price of a product, and its variants when you click on that product. The price follows “Price” just above our “Add to Cart” button. Shall a product be on sale, you will see in red text the price following the words: “On Sale For”. Unless this appears, expect to pay the listed price plus sales tax and shipping for your product, unless your order exceeds $75. In this case shipping is free. Shall the need occur, we do price match our competitors, but as our customer, you should know that there are exceptions, and we cannot price match on all of our products.

Privacy Policy

Please see our Privacy Policy to review any questions you may have.

Product Descriptions

Here at Heartland Vet Supply, our goal is to provide you – our customer with completely accurate information. However, we cannot guarantee that our product descriptions or other content on our site is accurate, complete, but we do our best to keep this information as accurate and current as we can. If we have made a mistake, and the product you got is not as it was described, let us know and you can return the item.

Product Information

Here at Heartland Vet Supply, we strive to give you accurate information and data – however due to our information and data being compiled together from various sources, they are provided “as is” and “as available”. By using our site, you agree that any and all information contained in our website is at your risk, and to the extent permitted by applicable law.

Third Party Sites – Social Media

Our site may contain links and advertisements for third party websites. This includes social media (we are active on both Facebook and Instagram). We do not control these third party sites, not are we responsible for them. We give links to these sites for your convenience and we do not review, or monitor the totality of these sites, but only our account on these sites. Promotions and offers given on these platforms are approved by us, as long as you see that it was posted from the Heartland Vet Supply account.

User Content

Posting on our page, writing a review, or engaging with our activity across social media platforms means you grant us the right to publicly display your feedback and comments on our site or Social Media pages. We treat feedback, communications and suggestions as non-confidential, and will consider these when discussing how to better ourselves. If you shall not want us to keep this confidential, you shall not submit any content to us, unless it should be in private messaging.

Thank you for doing business with us here at Heartland Vet Supply, and we look forward to serving you and your pet! If you have any questions, feel free to call us at 1-800-934-9398.

-Your Heartland Vet Supply Team