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I just received my 3rd order. Customer service is fantastic, especially Heather - She was my hero this weekend. Due to my own negligence, my puppy ate all of the remaining Deramaxx pills for my older dog. Along with all of the expected puppy drama (3 days in the hospital - full recovery), there was the additional logistic of having to quickly replace the prescription for the other dog. I called the customer service number and Heather managed to pull up my old prescription (which did not have a refill), contact my Veterinarian in California, sent the documentation to request my refill to be approved, contacted me to let me know it was approved, collected payment, arranged for expedited shipping and processed my order by literally running it into their shipping area to try to get it into the mail on a Friday afternoon right at the shipping deadline. Not only did it arrive right away (one day before she promised it), but because of the emergency, even though they were short two pills, they sent the prescription to me anyway with a note saying that they would send the two pills when they came in. ANY OTHER supply store would have held the product on backorder until it could be shipped in its entirety. I honestly feel that Heather literally did everything in her power to make sure that Monty got the medication he needs as quickly as possible. She went so far above and beyond for me, and I’ve never met her or spoken to her before in my other experiences with Heartland Vet Supply. I was already pleased with my previous dealings with this company, but after this, they’ve earned my business for good!

Thank you again!
L. Bonner


I just received my 2nd order from you. My dog has to be on clindamyacin, your prices are such a big savings especially for someone on a fixed income. Where the vet wanted 102.00 for 56 pills, your price was 29.12. HUGE savings. I've come to you for all his meds and am always happy with your outstanding customer service, fast shipping, payment options and prices!! I recommend you to all my friends with fur babies.

Thank you again!
T. Brown

 I just received an order last week from Heartland Vet Supply for our dog's medicine and I have to say from the packing, the order process, shipping speed, etc, it was 100 percent perfect. I figured there might be a concern with getting the vet to sign off, since I hear horror stories with online ordering, but getting his heartworm meds was the most painless process. I will be back again to purchase other meds for Barkley (a cocker spaniel) in the near future as your prices are more than competitive!


C. Rosenberg

Just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with Heartland Veterinary Supply.  I placed an order after hours on March 18, 2014.  My order was shipped on March 19 and arrived today! (March 22)  Thank you for promptly contacting my veterinarian and shipping my pets prescriptions.  You have exceeded my expectations :)

P. Day

Thank you so much for the super fast delivery. I received my order last night. My baby tore her acl last year and is too old for surgery. This medicine gives her much relief. Thank you again. Ill be a repeat customer for sure!
>Michelle M

I can strongly recommend @heartlandvet for online pet pharmacy needs; I'm very impressed with their customer service after USPS fail.

Brian P

I just wanted to complement you on the service that I have received from HVS. I have contacted your company twice, by phone to make an order.

Both times I spoke to a woman that showed professionalism and courtesy while taking my order. I'm not sure if it was the same person each time, but each time the person was very pleasant and easy to communicate with.

I will continue to purchase this product (GMS Plus) for my dog from HVS.


Diane R
Hollywood, FL

I just want to let you know how satisfied I was with my recent experience with your company. I find your prices very reasonable and quick turn around time.

Thank you,

Jane H
North Reading, MA

I want to give you all at Heartland a special thank you for everything. Through the years I have used you for my horse medical needs and you have always been extremely helpful in getting my orders and special circumstances every single time. Recently, when my horse developed extremely severe ulcers, you helped me plan the fastest and best ways to get his critical meds. He is recovering well now, thanks in part to your excellent service. And, when I call (which I do often), your representatives really make me feel like I’m talking to a close friend.

I want to share something else which is very near and dear to my heart. A couple years ago, my beloved show horse was being treated with UlcerGuard which I got from you; again, always on time and with professional service. When he died, you all sent me a sympathy card – how many businesses do that. I still have it. I am a long time customer with Heartland because we have relationship; I’m not just an invoice. I believe that kind of partnership is how a business should be. I have sent you many new customers. Did I mention that you also have great prices? A grateful part of the Heartland customer family.

~ C. Kahler

I want to thank you so much for your excellent service and prices! My 125 pound dog needs Simplicef 200 mg which I paid $147.00 for 42 tablets from our vet (with his size he needs 1.5/day). Since he continues to have a condition that only responds to this medication, I went on line to check out suppliers. To my delight, with a vet’s prescription, I can get 100 tablets for $249.95. On May 14, I called your 1-800#, spoke to your representative, and arranged for my vet to call in the prescription. I must admit I was a little worried to have my credit card charged $249.95 by a company I had never heard of! The service representative was very friendly and reassuring. To my further delight, I received the shipment of medication 2 days after placing the order! Thank you, you have created a loyal customer who will be referring your name & number out to my family and friends who also have big (and little) furry friends!" 
~ DS Horos


Heartland Vet Supply & Pharmacy is a fully licensed and .pharmacy verified online pharmacy located in Hastings, Nebraska.  We have been in business since 1981 as a functioning veterinary clinic involved with the diagnosis and treatment of health problems in the equine, canine, and feline species.

But now we are soley America's horse, dog and cat discount supply headquarters and award winning discount cataloger. We carry and supply the information and products you need in order to keep your horse or pet healthy. For the Horseman, we have a complete line of animal health care products for your horses, mules or donkeys. When shopping with us, you will find our prices among the lowest anywhere. Paying less means better profit margins for the farm and ranch.

Our canine products include heartworm prevention, flea control, medications for skin infections, smelly ears, ear infections, and hot spots as well as antibiotics for other infections. For the cats in your life, our pet supply store carries the necessary pet supplies and information for cat vaccine, feline vaccination charts, discounted supplements and supplies for hairballs, discounted vitamins and feline flea prevention. We have all the pet products and supplies needed to aid you in preventive care for your pets.

We have made a reputation for responding to your needs as a horse and/or pet owner. We offer a complete line of discount horse supplies and products as well as discount pet products and supplies to ensure the health & longevity of your horse and pets. 

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