Nemex-2 Oral Liquid

Nemex-2 Oral Liquid
16oz - 16oz. (473ml)
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Price: $149.95

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  • 16oz. (473ml)
  • For dogs - very safe palatable pyrantel pamoate wormer. Effective against Roundworm and Hookworm.


  • Single-dose treatment for removal of large roundworms and hookworms in adult dogs and puppies.
  • Provides exceptional safety and nematocidal efficacy.

Approved Uses

  • Treatment and removal of large roundworms (Toxocara canis and Toxascaris leonina) and hookworms (Ancylostoma caninum and Uncinaria stenocephala) in dogs and puppies.
  • Prevention of reinfestation of T. canis in adult dogs, puppies and lactating bitches after whelping.

Key Features

  • Excellent palatability of caramel-flavored liquid suspension base encourages client compliance.
  • Anthelmintic treatment of nursing puppies can help eliminate prenatal or lactogenically acquired roundworms and hookworms.
  • Removing the worm burden can dramatically affect positive growth performance and well-being of puppies.
  • Treatment minimizes environmental contamination that contributes to reinfection.
  • May assist protection against zoonotic infection of children and adults.
  • No fasting is required before or after administration.
  • Strategic de-worming of puppies provides optimum protection at the time of greatest vulnerability to effects of parasitism.
  • Can be conveniently dispensed in original container.


  • Liquid suspension is available in 60 mL (2 oz or 12 tsp) and 480 mL (16 oz or 96 tsp) bottles.
  • Opaque bottles minimize loss of potency due to photosensitivity of pyrantel pamoate.
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