Fenbendazole COMPOUNDED Oral Suspension

Fenbendazole COMPOUNDED Oral Suspension
1mg/mL, 30 mL - Chicken Flavored
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Price: $51.60
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  • Medication used to treat parasites in cats and dogs
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Fenbendazole COMPOUNDED Oral Suspension is a medication used to treat a variety of parasites (e.g., roundworms, hookworms, lungworm, whipworm, and certain types of tapeworms) in dogs and the treatment of parasites in cats.

Handling of your-oil based compounded liquid

  • This compounded prescription does not need to be refrigerated and can be stored at room temperature
  • This compound prescription is an oil-based suspension. Because of this, it will be separated into two different liquid phases. The oil will rest at the top and the suspended medication at the bottom.
  • Shake the suspension thoroughly between doses to fully suspend the medication in the oil.


Dosing Instructions

  • Each compounded liquid will be dispensed with a clear bottle adapter which seals the top of your prescription bottle. DO NOT REMOVE THIS ADAPTER.
  • To begin, pull the plunger of the dosing syringe back to the correct dose line on your syringe.
  • Place the tip of the dosing syringe into the middle of the bottle adapter as far as it will go.
  • With the tip of the dosing syringe fully pushed into the bottle adapter, flip the bottle upside down and hold it upside down with one hand.
  • Using your other hand, push the plunger fully into the syringe.
  • Pull the plunger back to the correct dose line on your syringe.
  • Once you have the correct dose, flip the bottle back over and pull the dosing syringe out of the bottle adapter. The bottle adapter will self-seal once it's removed.
  • Give your dog the drawn up dose in the syringe orally.


Caring for your dosing syringe

  • Oil-based compounded liquid suspensions often cause the dosing syringe to drag or get stuck because of the consistency of the oil-based liquid.
  • To help minimize this from happening try the following:
  1. Rinse the syringe and plunger with hot water between doses.
  2. Wash the syringe and plunger with a drop of dish soap to fully wash the syringe between doses. This will help get the oil out of the syringe between doses to ensure an easier dosing experience.