Behavior Products  for dogs

For whatever behavior modification reason, keep your dog comfortable and happy with a variety of options including drops, tablets and chews. Prescription or non-prescription anxiety/calming/behavior products available in various sizes.
Adaptil Collar for Dogs
Price: $29.50
Adaptil Spray for Dogs
Price: $16.75
Adaptil Wipes for Dogs
Price: $12.25
Amitriptyline Tablets
Price: $0.18
Anipryl Tablets
Price: $71.95
Anxiety TFLN by HomeoPet
Price: $10.49
Anxitane Tablets for Dogs and Cats
Price: $42.04
Clomicalm Tablets for dogs
Price: $1.45
Composure Chews
Price: $26.85
Composure Liquid for Dogs and Cats
Price: $38.95
Cosequin Calm for Dogs - 30 count
Price: $14.99
Feliway Spray
Price: $16.75
Feliway Wipes
Price: $12.25
Fluoxetine Capsules
Price: $0.10
Fluoxetine Tablets
Price: $1.85
For-Bid for Dogs 8gm
Price: $1.90
Gabapentin 100mg - 100 Tablets
Price: $0.12
Lactoquil Chewable Tablets
Price: $26.95
LickGuard Topical Ointment - .75 oz tube
Price: $8.95