Ponazuril COMPOUNDED Oral Suspension

Ponazuril COMPOUNDED Oral Suspension
1 mg/ml, 30 mL - Chicken Flavored
1.5 mg/ml, 30 mL - Chicken Flavored
5 mg/ml, 30 mL - Chicken Flavored
10 mg/ml, 30 mL - Chicken Flavored
50 mg/ml, 30 mL - Chicken Flavored
60 mg/ml, 30 mL - Chicken Flavored
80 mg/ml, 30 mL - Chicken Flavored
86 mg/ml, 30 mL - Chicken Flavored
100 mg/ml, 30 mL - Chicken Flavored
136 mg/ml, 30 mL - Chicken Flavored
150 mg/ml, 30 mL - Chicken Flavored
180 mg/ml, 30 mL - Chicken Flavored
200 mg/ml, 30 mL - Chicken Flavored
227 mg/ml, 30 mL - Chicken Flavored
250 mg/ml, 30 mL - Chicken Flavored
300 mg/ml, 30 mL - Chicken Flavored
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Price: $14.70
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Ponazuril, the active ingredient in Marquis, crosses the blood/brain barrier to reach the central nervous system where it kills Sarcocystis neurona, and stops parasite from inflicting further damage to the central nervous system. Concentrations achieved in the CSF at steady state were shown to kill 94% of merozoites in cell culture.

Handling of your-oil based compounded liquid

  • This compounded prescription does not need to be refrigerated and can be stored at room temperature
  • This compound prescription is an oil-based suspension. Because of this, it will be separated into two different liquid phases. The oil will rest at the top and the suspended medication at the bottom.
  • Shake the suspension thoroughly between doses to fully suspend the medication in the oil.

Dosing Instructions

  • Each compounded liquid will be dispensed with a clear bottle adapter which seals the top of your prescription bottle. DO NOT REMOVE THIS ADAPTER.
  • To begin, pull the plunger of the dosing syringe back to the correct dose line on your syringe. 
  • Place the tip of the dosing syringe into the middle of the bottle adapter as far as it will go.
  • With the tip of the dosing syringe fully pushed into the bottle adapter, flip the bottle upside down and hold it upside down with one hand.
  • Using your other hand, push the plunger fully into the syringe.
  • Pull the plunger back to the correct dose line on your syringe.
  • Once you have the correct dose, flip the bottle back over and pull the dosing syringe out of the bottle adapter. The bottle adapter will self-seal once it's removed.
  • Give your dog the drawn up dose in the syringe orally.

Caring for your dosing syringe

  • Oil-based compounded liquid suspensions often cause the dosing syringe to drag or get stuck because of the consistency of the oil-based liquid.
  • To help minimize this from happening try the following:
  1. Rinse the syringe and plunger with hot water between doses.
  2. Wash the syringe and plunger with a drop of dish soap to fully wash the syringe between doses. This will help get the oil out of the syringe between doses to ensure an easier dosing experience. 

Please Note

Oral solutions are compounded specifically for your pet’s individual needs by our compounding pharmacy staff upon receiving a prescription from your veterinarian. It is important to order your refills of this medication a few days ahead of time because the preparation needs to be compounded specifically for your pet.