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Itrafungol Oral Solution

Itrafungol Oral Solution - 52 mL
52 mL - 
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Price: $79.47
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  • Cost-effective
  • Cherry-Caramel Flavored Liquid
  • Easy to dose & administer
  • 52 mL
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Itrafungol (Itraconazole Oral Solution) is a treatment for ringworm in cats that is caused by fungus infections. Ringworm on cats commonly includes patches of hair loss, scaling, crusting, and redness with or without itchiness. Most skin lesions are found around the ears and face or on the legs. This disease is most commonly seen in kittens. 


Each mL of Itrafungol has 10mg of itraconazole in an oral solution with sweeteners and flavorings. This product is a cherry-caramel flavor.