Deramaxx Chewable Tablets

Deramaxx Chewable Tablets
12mg, 1 Count - Chewable Tablet
12mg, 30 Count - Chewable Tablets
12mg, 90 Count - Chewable Tablets
25mg, 1 Count - Chewable Tablet
25mg, 30 Count - Chewable Tablets
25mg, 90 Count - Chewable Tablets
75mg, 1 Count - Chewable Tablet
75mg, 30 Count - Chewable Tablets
75mg, 90 Count - Chewable Tablets
100mg, 1 Count - Chewable Tablet
100mg, 30 Count - Chewable Tablets
100mg, 90 Count - Chewable Tablets
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  • Chewable Tablets
  • A coxib-class non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug
  • For use in dogs only
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(Celebrex-Vioxx) Beefy flavor scored tablets. Dosage 1-1/2 - 2mg/lb of body weight. Strong arthritis pain relief. For Dogs Only.

Why Deramaxx?

DERAMAXX is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) that is proven safe and effective in controlling the pain and inflammation of osteoarthritis. DERAMAXX has been prescribed to nearly a million dogs over the past two years.
Chewable DERAMAXX tablets control painful inflammation for a full 24 hours.

by Novartis
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