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REBATE PROGRAM: This vaccine qualifies for our Pfizer/Zoetis Rebate program. Spend over $150 in qualifying Pfizer/Zoetis vaccines listed on this page, and receive a 10% Rebate Certificate to be used towards the purchase of non-cooler items at Heartland Veterinary Supply. The certificate will ship with your order.
Fluvac Innovator 4 (Double EFT) - Single Dose
Price: $19.95
Fluvac Innovator 5
Price: $29.00
FORT DODGE Fluvac Innovator 6 (6-Way) - Single Dose
Price: $31.40
Zoetis Fluvac EHV 4/1 Plus
Price: $21.90
J-VAC Vaccine
Price: $21.95
Respishield HM for Cows
Price: $41.95
Zoetis West Nile Innovator
Price: $28.30