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Equithrive Products

Equithrive is the pioneer in equine resveratrol therapy!
Resveratrol is a natural molecule that:
Reduces gene expression of inflammatory mediators
Relieves soreness · Speeds recovery

The Equithrive product line is the premium resveratrol source for horse owners because:

  • Safety: Our proprietary resveratrol ingredient Resverasyn™ is manufactured by a US pharmaceutical company that is audited by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Our resveratrol is guaranteed not to contain harmful impurities from imported plant material.
  • Purity: Every production lot of our proprietary resveratrol ingredient Resverasyn is tested to confirm that it is 99% pure trans-resveratrol. We also test every production lot of Equithrive products to make sure that each lot contains the targeted concentration of resveratrol. This results in each horse receiving a consistent, therapeutic dose of resveratrol.
  • Effectiveness: Resverasyn is micronized and encapsulated to promote the stability and bioavailability of the resveratrol that is contained in Equithrive products.
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Equithrive Joint Powder
Price: $123.24
Recurring Item
Equithrive Joint Powder (Molasses Flavor)
Price: $123.24
Recurring Item
Equithrive Vitamin E Pellets
Price: $59.83
Recurring Item
Equithrive Metabarol
Price: $183.49
Recurring Item