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Bute Compounded Oral Paste

Bute Compounded Oral Paste
1g /3mL, 60mL - Paste - Apple Flavored 
SKU : C-311120_-RX
Price: $48.95
Price: $48.95
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  • Easy-to-use paste comes preloaded into a syringe that you administer into his mouth.
  • Designed to help ease aches and general discomfort from exercise, training and competition.

Due to changes in Compounding Guidelines, please limit your purchase to no more than a 60 day supply.

How to Order Prescriptions


Help soothe your equine's swelling and discomfort with Bute Paste for Horses. This Apple flavored paste is made with a specially targeted ingredient—phenylbutazone—which helps to relieve swelling by blocking specific enzymes. It may be prescribed by your veterinarian to treat a variety of temporary inflammatory conditions, such as a pulled tendon, acute laminitis or joint problems. This form of Bute comes in a convenient powder that can be put into your horse's feed.

Handling of Your Compounded Oral Paste

This compounded prescription does not need to be refrigerated and should be stored at room temperature.

Additional Information

  • Our Compounded Oral Paste is available in a delicious APPLE flavor which horses love and is anhydrous which allows for a longer Beyond Use Date.

  • Our Compounded Oral Paste is dispensed in a dial-a-dose calibrated oral dosing syringe for easy dosing and administration for your horse.

  • For EQUINE USE only.