Equi-Bac Oral Gel

Equi-Bac Oral Gel
80 mL - Oral Gel
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Price: $10.95
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Maintains normal digestive function in horses

  • Under stress
  • In heavy training
  • Breeding Stock
  • Prior to transportation
  • Following worming and antibiotic treatments


A high potency oral gel for horses and foals. Assists in maintaining normal digestive function in horses that are under stress, in heavy training, breeding stock, prior to transportation and following worming and antibiotic treatments.

It can be used safely in foals, to establish normal gut activity, after birth and during mare's "foal heat".

Contains a source of live viable naturally occurring microorganisms, Lactobacillus, yeast, enzymes and vitamins.

Provides the essential beneficial bacteria your horse requires for intestinal stabilization and proper digestion.


    • Foals, administer 10 ml
    • Adults, administer 15 ml

by Kaeco