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TranQuil-Chews for Dogs

TranQuil-Chews for Dogs
60 count - soft chews
Price: $15.74
Price: $15.74
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For Dogs

  • 60 Soft Chews


TranQuil-Chews™ calming formula is the same formula that has kept your dog relaxed and feeling content during traffic, fireworks, travel and other stressful events.

With its new palatable soft chew form, TranQuil formula has never been this easy to give to your dog. In addition to reducing the stress that comes with separation or travel anxiety, this formula also works to promote a healthy nervous system. TranQuil-Chews are the perfect way to calm down hyperactive dogs or relieve stress and tension for dogs that are undergoing a trying time.

Whether you're already a fan of TranQuil-Tabs or you're just looking for a way to calm your dog, you and your dog will absolutely love TranQuil-Chews- so order today!


Use during

    • Fireworks & Loud Noises
    • Traveling
    • Moving to new house or environment
    • Parties
    • Hyperactive Dogs
    • Crowded Places
    • New People
    • Any situation that may cause nervous stress

Usage Information

Size of Dog Twice Daily
Up to 20 lbs. 1 chew
Over 21 lbs. 2 chews


Each Chew Contains:
Passionflower 100 mg
Chamomile 100 mg
L-Tryptophan 100 mg
Valerian Root 100 mg