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Effipro Plus for Cats

Effipro Plus for Cats
3 dose - pack for cats
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Price: $38.00
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Controls infestations caused by fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and chewing lice

  • Controls fleas for up to 6 weeks
  • Kills ticks for a month or longer
  • 3 dose pack for cats
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EFFIPRO Plus Topical Solution for Cats is a topical parasite treatment for cats that kills all stages of fleas and ticks including deer ticks, brown dog ticks, American dog ticks, and lone star ticks. It also kills chewing lice and repels mosquitoes that can carry heartworms.

Effipro Plus contains fipronil to help break the life cycle and prevent infestations. 
    • Killing action of fipronil. Used on millions of treated pets.
    • Controls fleas for up to 6 weeks. However, a monthly application is recommended if a cat has fleas that may cause flea allergy dermatitis or if reinfestation is likely.
    • Kills ticks for a month or longer. However, where tick control is consistently needed, monthly applications are recommended.
    • Comparable to FRONTLINE Top Spot® against fleas in a study vs. FRONTLINE and a control group (6 cats per group).
    • For cats only. Do not use on kittens under 8 weeks of age.

Effipro Plus for Cats Benefits

    • Kills fleas, eggs, and larvae
    • Kills 4 types of ticks & lice
    • Repels mosquitoes
    • Monthly application
    • Controls infestation

Featured Fact

Did you know EFFIPRO PLUS Topical Solution for Cats prevents fleas, flea eggs, flea larvae and flea infestations?


Apply Effipro Plus once a month for long-lasting, waterproof protection. For use in cats and kittens 8 weeks or older. Available in 3 month supply.

by Virbac