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Oxytocin Injection

Oxytocin Injection
100 mL vial - (3.4 fl. oz)
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  • Purified Oxytocic Principle
  • Sterile Aqueos Solution
  • For animal use only
  • Available Size: 100 ml 
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Oxytocin - This potent preparation for obstetrical use in pigs, horses, and cows is a versatile aid in multiple obstetrical conditions, including precipitation of labor, acceleration of normal parturition, postpartum evacuation of uterine debris and postoperative contraction of the uterus following a Caesarian section, and control of uterine hemorrhage. It helps to contract the smooth muscle cells of the mammary gland to induce milk let-down in cows and pigs. Does not require refrigeration. Administer IV, IM or SQ.

Oxytocin injection is a sterile aqueous solution of highly purified oxytocic principle derived by synthesis or obtained from the posterior lobe of the pituitary gland of healthy domestic animals used for food by humans. Oxytocin injection contains 20 USP Units of oxytocin and less than 0.4 units of presser activity per mL. Each mL of sterile solution also contains 0.9% w/v sodium chloride, 0.5% w/v chlorobutanol (as a preservative), with water for injection q.s. and pH adjusted to 3.0 to 5.0 with acetic acid.


Because of the specific action of oxytocin upon the uterine musculature, it is recommended as an aid in themanagement of the following conditions:

  1. To precipitate labor
  2. To accelerate normal parturition
  3. Postpartum evacuation of uterine debris
  4. Postoperative contraction of the uterus following a cesarean section and control of uterine hemorrhage.

How Supplied

100 mL multiple dose vials.