STERILE SteriRoll - 12 inch x 36 inch
8x36 singles - 8" x 36"
Box12 - 8x36 - 8" x 36"
12x36 singles - 12" x 36"
Box12 - 12x36 - 12" x 36"
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  • SteriROLL® is manufactured using heavy, medical grade cotton with a soft, non-woven outer covering.
  • Uniformity and quality are assured through defined specifications for the raw material and continual quality inspections during the manufacturing process.
  • SteriROLL® provides excellent padding and absorbency.
  • Each bandage is sterilized by gamma radiation, the most effective and efficient method for sterilizing medical devices.
  • Look for the radiation exposure sticker to show that it has been sterilized.

Why SteriROLL®?

  • Sterile, ready-to-use cotton combine bandage.
  • Developed specifically for the equine practitioner.
    • Saves time and economical to use.
    • Rugged easy to open packaging, maintaining the integrity of the product.
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