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Cyclosporine (modified) Capsules

Cyclosporine (modified) Capsules
25 mg, 30 count - soft gelatin capsules
50 mg, 30 count - soft gelatin capsules
100 mg, 30 count - soft gelatin capsules - On Allocation From Manufacturer; Expect Shipping Delays.
Apotex 100 mg, 30 count - soft gelatin capsules - Free Shipping! - On manufacture backorder ; ETA May 10, 2024
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Price: $26.49
Price: $26.49
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Cyclosporine (MODIFIED) is a medication designed to suppress the immune system.

Uses and Benefits

    • It is very effective in psoriasis and many other conditions.
    • It works fairly quickly.
    • Though powerful, it causes very few serious reactions when used for short periods of time (days, weeks, or a few months).
    • It is considered a short-term treatment for psoriasis and is safest when given for less than one year.