Equine Wormers

Tapeworm Map

Equine wormers are effective against many internal parasites including round, hook, whip, and tapeworms.

We have several horse wormers that are non-prescription products, but we also carry the prescription products as well. (The map is a map of the United States with regional prevalance of tapeworm antibodies established by a survey done by Dr. Craig Reinemeyer.)

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Anthelcide PASTE - .85oz Syringe
Regular Price: $8.29
On Sale For: $7.87
Equi-Aid CW Wormer - 10lbs
Price: $59.95
Equimax Paste Wormer
Price: $11.95
Panacur Suspension
Price: $134.95
Pyrantel Pamoate
Price: $19.95
Pyrantel Pamoate (Generic Strongid Paste)
Price: $9.50
Quest PLUS Gel - 14.4g Syringe
Price: $16.25