Advocate PetTest .5cc Insulin U-40 Syringes

Advocate PetTest .5cc Insulin U-40 Syringes
30g x 1/2", Box of 100 - 100 syringes
31g x 5/16", Box of 100 - 100 Syringes
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Price: $15.95
Price: $15.95
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NEW SIZE for Larger Dogs!

  • Insulin for cats and dogs who have diabetes
  • 30g 1/2cc with 1/2" needle and 31g 1/2cc with 5/16"
  • Available Sizes
    • Box of 100


Advocate PetTest .5cc Insulin U-40 Syringes are syringes are used for tougher skin on larger dogs. 100 in each box, these insulin syringes are used for cats and dogs who have diabetes.

Uses and Benefits

  • Thin, Fine, Sharp, Extra Lubricated Needle
  • Features half unit markings for more accurate dosing
  • Tri-Bevel Tip for Greater Comfort
  • Large Clear Unit Markings
  • Extra Wide Finger Grips
  • High Quality Surgical Grade Steel
  • Protective Needle Plunger Caps
  • Single Use Only

Instructions for Use

  1. To expose plunger, remove large orange cap.
  2. To expose needle, pull small orange cap STRAIGHT off, being careful not to bend needle.
  3. To measure correct dosage, align top edge of plunger tip with dosage mark on the syringe scale.
  4. Use syringe ONCE only. Dispose of syringe in a proper sharps container.
For use with U-40 Insulin