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Pyranha Zero-Bite Natural Insect Repellent

Pyranha Zero-Bite Natural Insect Repellent
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Price: $35.95
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  • Zero-Bite's bug-fighting power comes from geraniol, clove and peppermint
  • The natural oils are suspended in more than 90 percent water, so it is neither oily nor greasy
  • A safe, non-toxic alternative to traditional fly sprays and wipe
  • Great natural scent
  • Safe to use on dogs, cats and other small animals too



Pyranha's Zero-Bite Natural Fly spray is a natural approach to insect repellents with ingredients such as geranoil, clove and peppermint. This combination provides bug-fighting power naturally. There are so many fly sprays on the market, and a natural fly spray that really works is hard to come by! 

The mixtures of oils with more than 90 percent water gives you fast acting defense against insects that is never greasy. Zero-Bite is safe to use in dogs, cats and other small animals too.


    • Safe, non-toxic alternative
    • Great natural scent
    • Safe for other small animals