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1-TDC Periodontal & Joint Health for Dogs and Cats

1-TDC Periodontal & Joint Health for Dogs and Cats
30 Count - Soft Gels - Bottle
60 Count - Soft Gels - Bottle
120 Count - Soft Gels - Bottle
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Price: $30.00
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  • Provides support for both Periodontal and Joint in a soft gel
  • For both dogs and cats
  • Available Sizes
    • 60 soft gels
    • 120 soft gels


TDC Periodontal & Joint Health for Dogs & Cats by Elite Vet is a unique supplement that promotes gum and joint health. Using 1-TetraDecanol Complex, a unique fatty acid oil, the supplement reduces inflammation that affects the hip and joints of pets affected with arthritis and the gums of those affected by periodontal disease. These soft gels also feature a palatable beef flavor that both cats and dogs love.

TDC Periodontal & Joint Health for Dogs & Cats can show results within the first two weeks of administration and remove the need for prescription medications in some cases. This container comes with 60 soft gels, but there is also a package of 120 available. You'll love this fast working supplement and the effects it will have on your pet- so order now!

Key Features

  • Contains proprietary ingredient of a unique fatty acid oil
  • Palatable supplements are loved by cats and dogs alike
  • Reduce inflammation to support joint and gum health with incredible efficacy

Active Ingredients (per capsule)

Proprietary Blend of Esterified Fatty Acid Complex (EFAC) (Bovine Source) 350 mg.

Inactive Ingredients

Carob, Fish Oil, Gelatin, Glycerin, Purified Water, Soybean Oil.

Useful Information

Directions For Use: Administer Orally.

Dual Action: Squeeze out capsule contents directly onto upper gums. Apply to nose of finicky cats to lick off

Joint Health: Feed capsules/contents to pet as a treat

Weight Dosage      Initial 30-day Period Dosage       After Initial 30-day Period     

Under 25 lbs

1 capsule daily

1 capsule every other day

Over 25 lbs

2 capsules daily per 50 lbs

1 capsule daily per 50 lbs