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Effitix Plus for Dogs

Effitix Plus for Dogs
Toy (5-10.9lbs) - 3 month supply
Small (11-22.9lbs) - 3 month supply
Medium (23-44.9lbs) - 3 month supply
Large (45-88.9lbs) - 3 month supply
X-Large (89-132lbs) - 3 month supply
SKU : 5708
Price: $56.95
Price: $56.95
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  • Begins working immediately upon application to kill and repel fleas, flea eggs, flea larvae and ticks, including infestations.
  • Also helps control mosquitoes–a potential source of heart worm disease, as well as painful chewing lice and biting flies.
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EFFITIX Plus Topical Solution protect your canine companion from painful and dangerous parasitic pests. This convenient, long-lasting formula begins working immediately upon application to quickly and effectively kill and repel fleas–including eggs, larvae and pupae, ticks, mosquitoes, chewing lice and biting flies. The powerful combination of highly-effective fipronil, permethrin and pyriproxyfen continues to safely protect your furry friend for up to four weeks. Waterproof and UV-resistant, this easy-to-apply liquid solution remains effective even after bathing, shampooing, water immersion or exposure to sunlight.