Frontline Plus for Dogs 89-132 lbs.

Frontline Plus for Dogs 89-132 lbs.
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The best selling topical flea and tick control product for dogs

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Why Frontline Plus for dogs?
  • It kills up to 100% of adult fleas on your dog within 24 hours
  • Contains a special ingredient that kills flea eggs and larvae to keep ALL stages of fleas from developing and bothering your pet and your family.
  • FRONTLINE Plus for dogs completely breaks the flea life cycle by effectively stopping the development of new fleas
  • FRONTLINE Plus kills all stages of 4 major ticks, including the one that may carry Lyme disease.

FOR DOGS & PUPPIES 8 weeks or older
Convenient spot treatment for fast-acting, long-lasting control of fleas, ticks and chewing lice.











  • To kill fleas, all stages of brown dog ticks, American dog ticks, lone star ticks , deer ticks (which may carry Lyme disease) and chewing lice, apply to dogs or puppies (8 weeks or older) as follows: Remove applicator from child-resistant package.
  • Hold applicator upright and snap applicator tip away from face and body. Place applicator tip through animal’s hair to the skin level between the shoulder blades. Squeeze applicator, applying entire contents in a single spot to the animal’s skin. Avoid superficial application to the animal’s hair. Only one applicator per treatment is needed.
  • Aids in the control of sarcoptic mange infestations. Multiple monthly treatments are recommended for the elimination of mites.
  • Can also be used for the treatment and control of flea, tick and chewing lice infestations on breeding, pregnant and lactating bitches.


Use monthly,

  • to completely break the flea life cycle and control tick and chewing lice infestations
    • to kill ticks for at least one month
    • to kill chewing lice for at least one month
  • if there is a high risk of reinfestation or if the pet has fleas which may cause flea allergy dermatitis

Up to three months, research shows that FRONTLINE® PLUS

  • kills adult fleas, flea eggs, and flea larvae for up to three months
  • prevents development of all flea stages for up to three months
  • control fleas for up to three months
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