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Formula 707 Lifecare Weight Gain

Formula 707 Lifecare Weight Gain
16lb Tub - 64 Servings
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Price: $80.53
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  • Use to achieve and maintain a healthy weight in horses of all ages
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Calorie rich vegetable fat
  • Protein to rebuild lost muscle
  • Available Size
    • 16lb Tub


Formula 707 Weight Gain is a highly palatable, calorie-rich supplement specifically formulated to help all types of horses gain and maintain weight. Vegetable fat provides concentrated and easily digestible calories in a form that also increases a horse’s overall energy. High-quality protein provides all the essential amino acids a horse needs to rebuild lost muscle, and fiber keeps the digestive machinery working smoothly. Calcium and phosphorus have been added to assist in the important task of skeletal maintenance and, along with zinc and copper, energy metabolism.

Available Size

    • 16lb Tub - 64 Servings

Some horses are hard keepers. No matter what or how much you feed them, they have trouble keeping on weight. Often the problem can be traced back to the first stage of digestion, the teeth. If the teeth have grown uneven, it’s just a matter of “floating” them back to a uniform height to facilitate mastication. For other horses, however—horses with good teeth and no other digestion-related ailments—failure to maintain a healthy weight can be a combination of genetics, age and workload.

Anyone who raises performance horses is familiar with the problem of keeping weight on their horses. Intense exercise and the stresses of boarding, hauling, and competing all take their toll. Feeding more hay and grain is not always a satisfactory solution. That’s because healthy weight gain is intimately tied to energy metabolism, which in turn is dependent upon the availability of certain nutrients. It’s not enough just to feed more calories if the calories being fed are not properly utilized.

Does it work?

In informal studies, Formula 707 Weight Gain was shown to have a visible effect on underweight horses in just a few days, and a return to normal weight within weeks. Caution: Severely emaciated horses that have been deprived of nutrition over a long period of time, such as rescue horses, should only be reintroduced to food under the care of a veterinarian. Long-term deprivation leads to changes in the digestive system that may be damaged if high calorie supplements such as Weight Gain Essentials are introduced too soon.

This trusted formulation is also available in a Daily Fresh Pack for accuracy, freshness, convenience and affordability!

Feeding Instructions

To provide added calories to the diet feed 2 scoops (4 oz.) daily. Up to 4 scoops (8 oz.) can be fed daily if horse’s body condition or activity level warrants the need for additional calories.
Active Ingredients:
Crude Protein (min.) 14.0%
Crude Fat (min.) 35.0%
Crude Fiber (max.) 8.0%
Minerals (min.)
Calcium (Ca) (min. 0.75%
Calcium (Ca) (max.) 1.25%
Phosphorus (P) 0.50%
Zinc (Zn) 65 PPM
Copper (Cu) 15 PPM

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