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Formula 707 Lifecare Healex

Formula 707 Lifecare Healex - 16 oz
16 oz - 
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Price: $29.95
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Antiseptic Ointment

  • Ideal for saddle sores, hobble burns, wire cuts and any abrasion or breakage of the skin
  • Contains zinc oxide, eucalyptol and phenol
  • For cracked Heels, Rope and Hobble Burns, Chafe & Abrasions, and Most Minor cuts.
  • For Equine use only


Formula 707 Lifecare Healex works — and works quickly — because it stays on the wound, allowing its antiseptic ingredients to clean the wound while its healing ingredients help heal it. First developed to treat hard-to-cure cracked heels incurred during early spring training on partly frozen tracks, Healex contains zinc oxide, eucalyptol and phenol, making it ideal for saddle sores, hobble burns, wire cuts, in fact any abrasion or breakage of the skin.

Formula 707 Lifecare Healex is an antiseptic ointment for cracked heels, rope and hopple burns, chafes and abrasions and most minor cuts. Contains zinc oxide, boric acid, eucalyptol and phenol in an emollient base. This product is intended for equine use only.

Available Size

16 oz


Zinc Oxide, Boric Acid, Eucalyptol, Phenol, Emollient Base

Directions for Use

Apply daily to affected area until condition improves.

by Formula 707