Ecovet Fly Repellent

Ecovet Fly Repellent
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Price: $29.95
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Safe for horses and individuals applying it

  • Entirely new type of fly spray for horses -- and it works!
  • Tested and endorsed by veterinarians -- Ecovet is a veterinarian-owned company
  • A real alternative to toxic pesticides like pyrethrins
  • Confuses an insect's normal directional ability so it can't locate your horse as its next victim.
  • 18 oz spray bottle


A new non-toxic, non-pyrethrin fly repellent that is formulated with three food-grade fatty acids carried in a silicone base. The combination of ingredients confuses the insects’ normal directional ability creating a spatial repellant. One application can last 1-3 days. Effective against most types of nuisance flies including no-see-ums, mosquitos, ticks and lice.

Ecovet finally gives some relief to horses like Clover with difficult-to-treat sweet itch problems.

Active Ingredients

Octanoic Acid: 5.0%
Nonanoic Acid: 5.0%
Decanoic Acid: 5.0%
Other Ingredients: 85%

Directions for Use

Do not dilute Ecovet Fly Repellent prior to use or combine or co-apply with any other skin treatments, including soaps and detergents. Apply to individual animals while standing u wind from the subject being treated. Apply to hair coat using any commercially available small sprayer suitable for oil application or using a soft cloth. Apply with care around delicate areas (ears and eyes). If animals have been washed, allow treatment areas to dry before application.

Beef and Dairy Cattle

For repelling flies and ticks, apply as needed to front and rear legs and lower body or other areas as necessary. For repelling lice, spray affected areas and rub into coat.


For repelling flies and ticks, apply to front and rear legs and lower body. Apply with care around eyes and ears. Do not apply when horses are sweating profusely. 


"My wife and daughter are passionate about horses, so I know firsthand that even though they are small, flies can be a BIG nuisance throughout the barn and pasture.

"Until Ecovet, we had two choices for repelling flies: toxic pesticides or essential oils, which offer limited effectiveness. Ecovet introduces a less toxic but extremely effective approach to protect our equine friends from pests."

-- Tim John, DVM, Ecovet founder and owner, and practicing veterinarian in Snohomish, Washington