Anicath IV Catheter
14G - 5.25" length
16G - 5.25" length
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IV Catheter

  • Anicath
  • 5.25"
  • Large Animal
  • Sterile


    An extended use, long term indwelling catheter designed specifically for the larger animal where greater volumes of fluid are required and venous access requires further reach.

    Using the same familiar, material components of the hub, suture wings and flash bulb you have enjoyed in the Anicath, now incorporate the following additional features and materials to help reduce the incidence of cracking catheters, thrombosis and phlebitis associated with other inferior catheter materials used for extended periods.

      • Winged – For suturing and or taping in place.
      • Non-coring, tri-faceted needle bevel with greater wall thickness 15% stronger than other brands – Reduced risk of bending on insertion.
      • PUR with precision conical catheter material – Anti-kink, espouses to natural vein contours and inner wall surface profile, softens with body temperature for added comfort and flexibility.
      • Siliconized – Superior glide during insertion and placement.
      • Hydrophobic blood sealing plug in needle flashback chamber – Allows early visualization of veni-puncture.
      • Trocar locks on to the catheter – Prevents unnecessary rotation of the trocar when advancing the catheter.
      • Two advancement notches on the hub – Aids sturdy advancement.

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