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15cc Syringe, 3 Count - 3 syringes
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Price: $40.25
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Support healthy muscle function in horses

  • Sold in box of three 15cc oral syringes.
  • For the treatment of Azoturia in horses.
by Research Associates

Azotur-X is formulated with all natural ingredients with absolutely no side effects. B-complex formula promotes healthy muscles and metabolism.
  • Stops tie-up syndrome.
  • Alleviates body soreness.
  • Improves locomotion.
  • Calms nervous horses.
  • All natural ingredients.
  • Will not test.

  • Administer 1st syringe in the morning, after feeding.
  • Administer 2nd syringe 24 hours later, also after feeding.
  • Administer 3rd syringe 48 hours after 2nd treatment following feeding.
  • Repeat monthly or as needed according to each individual, usually 2-6 weeks.

Example: Horse has an event is scheduled for Saturday. Administer the 1st syringe Tuesday, 2nd syringe Wednesday, skip Thursday, and administer 3rd syringe on Friday.


  •     Do not exceed three (3) TREATMENTS WEEKLY.
  •     Store in a cool place. Protect from freezing.
  •     For equine use only.
  •     Keep out of reach of children.

Guaranteed Analysis:
Thiamine mononitrate...250 mg/lb
Riboflavin...2000 mg/lb
Pyroxidine hydrochloride...1000 mg/lb
Vitamin B 12 Supplement...500 mg/lb
dl-Alpha tocopherylacetate...100IU/lb
Niacin...1200 mg/lb
d-Calcium Pantonthenate...600 mg/lb