Vetericyn VF Plus Ophthalmic Solution

Vetericyn VF Plus Ophthalmic Solution
2 oz - solution
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Price: $16.15
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  • Stronger Veterinary Formula
  • 2oz bottle


For flushing, cleaning and treating wounds and infections to the eye. Cleans and treats eyes affected by pollutants, contaminants and infections caused by bacteria, virus or fungus. Product is pH neutral, 100% biocompatible, and safe if licked or ingested. Use during regular grooming to clean the eyes and prevent infections or flush as need to relieve irritated eyes.

Active Ingredients

Hypochlorous Acid (0.009%)

Inactive Ingredients

Electrolyzed Water (99.837%)
Sodium Phosphate (0.13%)
Sodium Chloride (0.024%)