WartsOff Wart Ointment

WartsOff Wart Ointment
4oz tub - 113 gm
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Price: $14.99

  • Effective Aid in Removing Warts Without Causing Bleeding
  • 4 oz tub


WartsOff Wart Ointment is an ointment used to aid in removal of external warts from cattle, horses, goats, and dogs. 


Apply directly on the wart twice daily. Rub in well leaving wart completely covered with WARTSOFF. Apply to teats and udder of dairy cows after milking. If no benefit is apparent after two weeks of treatment or for warts that grow rapidly, consult a veterinarian. 

Active Ingredients

Castor Oil, 39% (w/w), Salicylic Acid, 17% (w/w), Inert Ingredients, 44% (w/w).


Wash treated teats and udders before each milking. Avoid contact with eyes. Wash hands thoroughly with soap and warm water after applying this product to animals. 
Not for human use. 
Keep out of reach of children.
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1. on 8/2/2017, said:
I would like to CAUTION anyone buying this product to use on a LITTLE DOG for wart removal. My dog is a 19 lb. shitzu/lhasa mix -- 11 years old. I bought this hoping to remove about 7 warts -- after only 3 days of use 4 of the warts started bleeding (says no bleeding on ad). My dog also started shaking his head and trying to rub ears (warts not on ears). Not sure if there are different types of warts and if it is only to be used on certain types (re bleeding) -- and/or if there was a reaction to some ingredients -- or something else. I took him to two different vets (2 vet bills & tests) because it seemed to be getting worse (shaking head every 5 minutes yesterday when up and about) - both said no ear infection. He never did this type of head shaking before. Last vet said to take him off of it immediately and bathe him in an oatmeal shampoo to remove all product. They also prescribed a prescription at $2.00 a pill 2x day to get things calmed down. Vet said that old dog warts could be sebateous gland adenomas vs. papilloma warts -- so I would caution on using this as a home remedy hoping to get rid of UNKNOWN warts on a small dog without a specific vet recommendation/approval. This has been a very expensive "home remedy attempt" for us. P.S. The warts are still there - their open wounds healing with an antibiotic ointment per vet's instructions. .WARTSOFF ointment may work for larger animals on specific warts but it has contributed to an expensive and upsetting trial for me and my little one. Right now he is sleeping peacefully - finally - and I'm hoping the $2 pill 2x day is only needed short-term.
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