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Su-Per Red Hot Spray

Su-Per Red Hot Spray
32 oz - quart with sprayer
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Price: $10.95
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Every Bite Bites ‘Em Back!

  • A special formula of soap, spices, and natural flavor to stop animals from chewing.
  • Available Size
    • 32oz (Quart) with Sprayer

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SU-PER Red Hot Spray is a liquid pepper spray used to deter horses from chewing or cribbing. It is non-toxic and non-staining, and can be applied to almost anything the horse may want to chew on, such as wood, bandages, lead ropes, the outside edge of feed buckets, etc. SU-PER Red Hot Spray sticks well to most surfaces, and is especially effective on hard surfaces. It will however wash away with water, so reapply anytime a treated surface gets wet or treated equipment has been washed.


Soap, spices, and natural flavor.


Spray liberal amount on bandages, leg wraps, blankets, casts, and wood. Do not spray on feed or in water.

Keep from freezing.


Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Flush eyes with warm water and wash skin with soap and water.


Take time to observe label directions. Keep out of reach of children. Close container after each use. Store in a cool, dry place.

**Ingredients listed are for informational purposes only and are subject to change by the manufacturer. Always refer to the manufacturer and actual product label/inserts for current ingredients, recommended dosage, precautions, and warnings before use.