Su-per SUBSTITUTE Powder

Su-per SUBSTITUTE Powder
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A powerful combination of anti-inflammatory nutrients, designed to lessen the need for Bute. A proprietary blend designed to give the most complete, natural, anti-inflammatory support available from a drug-free source. Base is rice hulls and calcium carbonate. Recommended Feeding Amount: 2 ounces daily for severe conditions. 1 ounce daily for maintenance.

Devil's Claw - 5,000 mg. per ounce. Yucca - 6,000 mg. per ounce. MSM - 10,000 mg. per ounce. Grape Seed Extract - 500 mg. per ounce. Ginger Root - 100 mg. per ounce. Black Cohosh - 100 mg. per ounce. Bromelain - 500 mg. per ounce. Salix Alba - 500 mg. per ounce. Vitamin B12 - 0.5 mg. per ounce. Curcumin - 275 mg. per ounce.
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1. on 4/27/2011, said:
A have a 25 yr old gelding that use in poor shape when I first got him. Along with TLC and proper food and Su-per SUBSTITUTE I am able to ride him short distance at a walk. He enjoys his walks and is no longer sore all the time. Thanks
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