Su-Per Lyte Paste

Su-Per Lyte Paste - 30cc Syringe
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BUFFERED ELECTROLYTES AND TRACE MINERALS! Replaces lost electrolytes. Oral electrolyte and trace mineral supplement for horses under stress from summer heat, hard work, training, or physical activity. A supplement for use in the daily feed ration of all classes of horses.

PASTE: Feed one tube the day before the event, one tube the day of the event, and one tube the day after the event. Apple flavored.

Guarantee per syringe: Sodium Chloride - 7,090 mg, Potassium Chloride - 5,675 mg, Calcium - 284 mg, Magnesium - 284 mg, Manganese - 19 mg, Zinc - 17 mg, Iron - 15 mg, Cobalt/Copper - 3.75 mg each

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