Su-Per Hoof Dressing

Su-Per Hoof Dressing
32oz - with brush
Gallon - jug
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by Gateway Products

Directions:  SHAKE WELL BEFORE USING.  Clean horses hooves thoroughtly, then apply with a brush.  Cover the entire hoof, working well in the hairline and around the frog.  Apply every other day under normal conditions.  May be used daily during dry weather.

Ingredients: Pine tar, fish oil, linseed oil, whet germ il, neatsfoot oil, venice turpentine, phenol, idine, olive oil, potassium iodide, and artificial coloring.

Cautions: Take time to observe label directions.  DANGER- harmful or fatal if swallowed. For external use only! For animal use only.  Keep out of reach of children.  Close container after each use.
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