Cough Ease 16oz Bottle

Cough Ease - 16oz
16oz - bottle
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Price: $21.25
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Why Cough Ease?

    • Alleviates allergies!
    • Stops coughing!
    • Opens breathing passages instantly!
    • Improves performance in all horses
    • All natural!
Contains honey, aloe vera, natural menthol, apple cider vinegar, oil of eucalyptus, and real lemon juice. 16 oz bottle.


1/2oz at the 1st sign of cough or before exercise. For strenuous exercise give 1/2oz 4 hours before and 1oz a 1/2 hour before the event. Can be administered as frequently as needed.


Honey, apple cider vinegar, aloe vera, ethyl alcohol, menthol, lemon juice, oil of eucalyptus.