Aqua Aide

Aqua Aide
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Aqua Aide helps replenish electrolyte losses for performance horses. Aqua Aide supplement is designed to help replenish electrolyte losses associated with fatigue, dehydration, heat injury, muscle cramping, reduced gut function and exercise.

An Oral Electrolyte for Performance Horses. Aqua Aide is to be administered to the performance horse to "maintain optimal performance through optimal health." Aqua Aide will replenish electrolyte losses associated with fatique, dehydration, heat injury, muscle cramping, reduced gut function, as well as others.


    • Formulated for the demands of performance horses
    • Feeding directions specific for heat stress and workload
    • Shown to improve horse water intake
    • Feed as top dress or mix with water
    • Easy to measure and mix

Feeding Directions for 1,000 lb Horse

Top Dress Mixed into fresh water
Heat Stress Scoops per day Heat Stress  Scoops per day
Mild 1 scoop Mild 1 scoop
Moderate 2 scoops Moderate 2 scoops
Severe 3 scoops Severe 3 scoops

Provide AQUA AIDE® to horses as they cool down after exercise. Horses should receive approximately one quart of AQUA AIDE® solution for every 20 minutes of actual sweating time.

Guaranteed Analysis

Salt (Na) Min 9.3% Max 11% 2.93 g
Sodium (Na) Min 3.6% Max 4.3% 1.13 g
Chloride (Cl) Min 9.0% 2.55 g
Potassium (K) Min 3.6% 1.27 g

by Progressive Nutrition
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