AQUA-AIDE by Progressive Nutrition
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by Progressive Nutrition

An Oral Electrolyte for Performance Horses. Aqua-Aide is to be administered to the performance horse to "maintain optimal performance through optimal health." Aqua-Aide will replenish electrolyte losses associated with fatique, dehydration, heat injury, muscle cramping, reduced gut function, as well as others.


  • Formulated for the demands of performance horses
  • Feeding directions specific for heat stress and workload
  • Shown to improve horse water intake
  • Feed as top dress or mix with water
  • Easy to measure and mix

Feeding directions for 1000 lb horse:

Top Dress Mixed into fresh water
Heat Stress Scoops per day Heat Stress  Scoops per day
Mild 1 scoop Mild 1 scoop
Moderate 2 scoops Moderate 2 scoops
Severe 3 scoops Severe 3 scoops

Provide AQUA-AIDE® to horses as they cool down after exercise. Horses should receive approximately one quart of AQUA-AIDE® solution for every 20 minutes of actual sweating time.

Guaranteed Analysis
Salt (Na) Min 9.3% Max 11% 2.93 g
Sodium (Na) Min 3.6% Max 4.3% 1.13 g
Chloride (Cl) Min 9.0% 2.55 g
Potassium (K) Min 3.6% 1.27 g

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