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Activated Charcoal Gel

Activated Charcoal Gel - 300ml
300ml - Gel Tube - on Manufacturer Backorder; NO ETA
Gun - for the Activated Charcoal Gel
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Price: $17.95
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Suggested Use

    • Activated Charcoal Gel™ may be used as an aid for accidental poisoning resulting from insecticides, herbicides, organic chemicals, intestinal bacterial contaminants or grain overload.
    • Suggested dosage adult horses: one full tube (300ml).

Feeding Directions

    • For sheep and goats administer 1-3 ml per kg (2.2 lb.) body weight.
    • For adult cattle and horses it is recommended to give one full tube (300 ml).
    • Repeat after 1 to 3 hours or as needed.
    • A stomach tube should be used in animals unable to swallow.
    • If conditions do not improve, consult your veterinarian.
    • Depending on the condition of the animal, supportive therapy such as parental fluids and injectable antidotes should be used along with Activated Charcoal Gel™ for efficient recovery.
    • May not be very effective in the treatment of heavy metal poisoning like lead, arsenic, mercury, etc.