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BotVax-B 10cc

Botvax-B Toxoid Equine - 10cc (5 Dose)
10cc (5 dose) - 10 cc (5 dose) vial
SKU : 201210
Price: $174.95
Price: $174.95

For the prevention of equine botulism due to Clostridium botulinum Type B in healthy horses.

  • The only USDA-approved vaccine for equine botulism
  • Protects against all modes of equine botulism

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 BotVax B provides simple and safe protection against type B2 equine botulism:
    • The only USDA-approved vaccine for equine botulism
    • Safe to administer to healthy adult horses, pregnant mares, and foals 2 weeks of age and older
    • Three-dose initial series with single annual booster thereafter
    • Protects against all modes of equine botulism
    • Forage Poisoning
    • Shake Foal Syndrome (Toxicoinfectious Botulism)
    • Wound Botulism

Horses at increased risk

    • Horses that travel often for shows, races and other equine events
    • Horses and foals that reside or travel into endemic areas
    • Any ranch or farm feeding cost-effective haylage or silage products, any baled hale (round, square, big bale), hay cubes, etc

This product does not confer protection against other C. botulinum toxin types.


Purified botulinum type B toxoid, aluminum phosphate absorbed
Thimerosal (as preservative) 0.01%
Formaldehyde (as inactivating solution) ≤1.85 g/L

by Neogen

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Purified botulinum type B toxoid aluminum phosphate adsorbed. Preservative: 0.01% Thimerosal. Contains no more than 0.2% formaldehyde as inactivating solution.

INDICATIONS: BotVax B is for the prevention of equine botulism due to Clostridium botulinum Type B in healthy horses.

DOSAGE: Inject 2.0 mL intramuscularly at monthly intervals for a total of 3 doses. Booster annually with a single 2.0 mL intramuscular dose.

Research has demonstrated that pregnant mares immunized during the third trimester of gestation, with the third dose (booster) given 2 - 4 weeks before parturition, respond with antibody. This antibody is concentrated in colostrum and results in significant passively acquired antibody in normal sulking foals.

ADMINISTRATION: Inject intramuscularly using aseptic technique. Shake well before use.

CAUTIONS: Transitory local reactions at the injection site such as heat and minor swelling may occur. Anaphylactoid reactions may occur. Epinephrine is antidotal. Store at 2 - 7°C (35 - 45°F). Do not freeze. Use the entire contents when opened.

Do not vaccinate food producing animals within 21 days of slaughter.


U.S. Vet. Lic. No. 302

Neogen® Corporation

Tampa, FL 33610 USA


2 mL - 1 Dose


10 mL - 5 Doses


NAC No.: 14910203