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Non-adherent Sterile Pads

Non-adherent Sterile Pads
3" x 4" - Sterile. 3" x 4". 100 PACK
8" x 10", Pack of 5 - 5 Ouchless Pads
8" x 10", 125 Pack - 125 Ouchless Pads
SKU : 1729
Price: $25.95
Price: $25.95

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Absorbent non-adherent cotton pads. Superior “ouchless” dressing won’t disrupt healing tissue by sticking to wound. The sterile dressings come individually wrapped in peel-open envelope - not all above options are sterile. Ideal as primary dressing for lightly draining wounds. Perforated dispensing carton, sterile 1's in peel-back package.