ProZyme Original Small Animal

ProZyme Original Small Animal
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200gm powder
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Enzyme Dietary Supplement

A unique, scientifically proven, all-natural enzymatic food supplement that allows greater absorption of the important nutrients found in a pet’s food. Prozyme is a combination of four highly concentrated and purified natural plant-derived enzymes (lipases, amylases, proteases, and cellulases). All ingredients are of human grade quality. This product is not a drug and it will not interfere with any medication or therapy. Comes in a palatable powder that is sprinkled on or mixed in with the animal's food.


For oral use as a plant-derived digestive enzyme supplement in a palatable powder.

Directions for Use
Companion Animals:
Under the age of 8 feed 1⁄4 teaspoon of ProZyme per 1 cup of food.
Over 8 years of age feed 1⁄2 teaspoon of ProZyme per 1 cup of food.

Active Ingredients
Milk sugar manufactured from fresh whey, Aspergillus oryzae (Alpha-Amylase) fermentation product dehydrated, Aspergillus niger (Lipase & Cellulase) fermentation product dehydrated, and Bromelain derived from Ananas Comosus (Protease) dehydrated.

Per 1⁄4 teaspoon (1.25 g).
Moisture     6.0% Max.
Crude Protein     1.0% Min.
Crude Fiber     0.5% Max.
Crude Fat     0.0% Min.

Enzyme Activity:
Alpha-Amylase     2000 SKBU/g
Lipase     200 U/g
Cellulase     50 CU/g
Protease     8 GDU/g
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