Litter Magnet

Litter Magnet
20oz - Treat up to 100lbs of cat litter.
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An all-natural solution to encourage litter box use

  • Treat up to 100lbs of cat litter 20 oz


Feline Litter Magnet is used to get cats to use litter box. Feline Litter Magnet 20oz will treat up to 100lbs of cat litter.

Use when:
  • You add a new cat to the household
  • Get a new kitten
  • Move to a new home
  • Want to move the litter box to another area
  • Train an outdoor cat to live indoors
An all-natural solution to encourage litter box use. Litter Magnet will assist you in treating the most troubling behavioral problem a cat can have. 'Inappropriate Elimination' i.e. non use of litter box--often this problem is not medical and cannot be treated with medication.
  • Litter Magnet and its supporting brochure will give you a product that can be prescribed with a tested solution that will help you get your cat back to the box
  • An all-natural herbal product
  • Litter Magnet uses its rich earthy fragrance to attract the cat to its litter box
  • With Litter Magnet you can address a behavior problem and be able to prescribe a solution.



Litter Magnet  20 oz. bottle with a shake and pour lid treats 100 pounds or more of clumping/scoopable clay litter.

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