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Safe-Guard® Products

Safe-Guard is the only broad-spectrum canine dewormer with no warnings or contra-indications*.


  • Safe-Guard® dog worming granules are available in three sizes of convenient single-dose packets (1 gram, 2 grams and 4 grams), for precise dosing.
  • Just pour Safe-Guard® granules over your dog’s regular food for three consecutive days, twice a year.
  • Safe-Guard® Canine Dewormer is available without a prescription

Deworming your horse is easier when you can choose the delivery method that works best for you and your horse. Safe-Guard (fenbendazole) products are the only horse dewormer on the market today that comes in so many forms and sizes, yet is effective against most common intestinal parasites of the horse.

Fenbendazole, the active ingredient in all Safe-Guard products, is safe for deworming horses, including foals and pregnant mares and is very effective against the typical adult equine parasites (i.e. roundworms, pinworms, large strongyles (e.g., Strongylus vulgaris, S. edentatus, S. equinus) and small strongyles (L5)).

When used in a larvicidal dose, Safe-Guard Power-Dose, fenbendazole is effective against all stages of the encysted small strongyle, and against ascarids (roundworms) that may be resistant to other classes of dewormers.

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Safe-Guard Oral Liquid Wormer
Price: $235.95
Recurring Item
Safe-Guard 25gm Paste Wormer
Price: $15.95
Recurring Item
Safe-Guard 290gm Paste Wormer
Price: $89.95
Recurring Item