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Nursemate ASAP by Sterling Technology

What is colostrum?
Colostrum is an exceptional natural nutritional substance, produced by mothers for their newborn that supports and nourishes the immune system. It provides a perfect combination of immune and growth factors immunoglobulins, lactoferrin and insulin-like growth fact 1 (IGF-1), amino acids and other important nutrients.

Animal colostrum products available to help the health of your newborn animals include Nursemate ASAP for Foals.

Feeding Nursemate for Foals as soon after birth allows the foal to nurse fast so they can absorb all the antibodies and other immune proteins provided by the mothers colostrum. It guards Pathogens, provides immune stimulation, prevents gastric ulcers and is quick, convenient and effective.
Nursemate ASAP Foal Oral Gel
Price: $13.95
Recurring Item