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Foal Response by Vita Flex

Foal Response™ Immediate Care Colostrum Paste Supplement

Premium Quality Bovine Colostrum with Essential Nutrients for Foals
  • Formulated to provide newborns, older foals and weanlings with the optimum immediate care nutrition they need
  • Contains KPx™ Technology colostrum, rich in antibodies to stimulate immune response.
  • Also contains probiotics and other essential nutrients

Colostrum: Nature's First Food Colostrum is the first milk produced by mammalian mothers at or around the time of birth. For most mammalian species, colostrum is well recognized as nature's "first food." Colostrum is more than milk though; it is one way in which the mother passes her immune system "knowledge" on to her newborn. Rich in antibodies, immune proteins produced by the mother's immune system, colostrum gives the baby the ability to recognize and fight the hosts of immune challenges it will face in the upcoming days, weeks, months and years ahead.

In some species, failure to receive colostrum as a newborn can even result in death. That's how important colostrum is to mammals.

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Foal Response PASTE
Price: $18.95
Recurring Item