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Conquer Products   by Kinetic

We carry the Conquer products in a 6 dose gel, 50 serving powder, and liquid in various sizes.

Conquer Equine Gel is the Original oral Hyaluronic Acid Joint Supplement for horses in a flavored oral supplement. HA is a natural substance that helps maintain normal, healthy joints.

Conquer® Powder The original oral hyaluronic acid joint supplement for horses available in powder form. Conquer® is suitable for all breeds, sports and uses for horses to support joint health and flexibility. HA supports joint health and flexibility.

Conquer® Liquid At 100 mg per dose (200 mg per ounce), Conquer® Liquid is developed specifically to help maintain the health of your animal's joints. HA is safe, non-toxic and a naturally occurring glycosaminoglycan with its highest concentration found in all vertebrates' connective tissue and joint fluid.
Conquer Gel -  60ml Tube
Price: $15.95
Recurring Item