Myristol Products for Canine or Equine

Whether your dogs or horses compete in competitions, or are simply your best companions, poor joint health can affect their mobility and diminish their quality of life.

Myristol is specially formulated as a broad-spectrum and effective supplement to support your dog's or horse's joint health. Myristol was developed by Gayle W. Trotter, veterinarian, joint health researcher, former professor at Colorado State University, and devoted animal enthusiast.

Myristol combines four top-quality ingredients (cetyl myristoleate fatty acid complex, methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), glucosamine HCl, and hydrolyzed collagen). All of these ingredients have scientific evidence of benefit in animal or human studies, and they were combined in Myristol to provide a comprehensive or broad-spectrum approach to joint health and joint disease.

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