Foals & Young Horses

Providing foals and young horses with vital nutritional supplements along with treatments for diarrhea or wounds, immunity support, antibiotics for infections, and much more.

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EPIC Neonate Paste
Price: $19.95
NOVARTIS Equine Coli Endotox - 10ml Syringe
Price: $27.95
EquiOtic Boost! 60cc Syringe
Price: $34.95
EquiOtic 60 cc Syringe
Price: $24.95
Foal Response PASTE -  1.05oz tube
Price: $13.95
FoalChek Kit IgG Level
Price: $153.95
G.I.Bloom - 3.5 lbs
Price: $56.95
G.I.Bloom Paste
Price: $151.25
Gentle Tip Enema
Price: $3.50
Iodine Gentle 1%
Price: $4.95
Lixotinic - GALLON
Price: $151.95