Diarrhea, Intestinal, & Colic

The equine digestive tract is a complex and fragile system that is easily disrupted. Causes of equine diarrhea can range from mild to life threatening and should be taken seriously.

A.B.C.'s Plus Organic
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BOEHRINGER Buscopan Injectable
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MAX Probiotic Equine Gel - 30ml Tube
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Diarrhea Gel - 30ml Tube
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NOVARTIS Equine Coli Endotox - 10ml Syringe
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EquiOtic Boost! 60cc Syringe
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EquiOtic 60 cc Syringe
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Exceed 6-way Pellets
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G.I.Bloom - 3.5 lbs
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Pro Biostatin - 1lb tub
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Probios Feed Granules
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