Sand Free Pellets

Sand Free Pellets
10lb - tub
25lb - tub
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ANALYSIS: 99% Psyllium & Direct Fed Microbials!
by Med-Vet Pharmaceuticals

  • Sand-Free (Pellets) is an all natural dietary fiber product (psyllium) combined with a live, stabilized lactobacillus microbe system, (probiotics) often used in the presence of sand colic, as a natural fiber and microbial supplement in horse’s feed.
  • Sand-Free is in pellet form to enhance consumption and ease of feeding.

Psyllium Seed/Husks................112,260 mg
Direct Fed Microbials..........28 million CFU's
*Colony Forming Units (CFU's)

Directions for use (Adult Horses 900-1,100 lbs):
Provide 4 ounces twice daily for 21 days, in the presence of compaction, as a fiber and microbial supplement.
Maintenance - Repeat every 3 weeks and/or once monthly on a continuous basis.

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